Antique Sofas

Gharnish - Luxury Furniture manufacturers from Hyderabad, India, works with the highly experienced craftsman and skilled with wooden furniture design. Specializing in carved furniture, each of our carved furniture pieces is handmade with the highest quality wood and craftsmanship. Similarly, our wood carvings are also handmade to perfection to add depth and sophistication to the furniture. Each carving can take hours to complete, but the craft takes years to master. The skill and beauty of carved wood furniture elegantly transform each piece into functional art.

Carving Sofa Manufacturers In Hyderabad

All of our carvings are handcrafted, which is especially important when using teakwood and rosewood as it is extremely hard and thus very difficult carve. Hand carving allows carpenters total control over cuts to avoid damaging the wood.

teak wood carving hyderabad
Broad strokes are carefully added to further define the edges of the relief. They must take into account grain direction and the design's location on the surface to avoid splintering or chipping the wood. Facial features and clothing folds are slowly added to create accents and more depth.

Additional tools are necessary to create other textures. A pointed chisel is used to add thin lines, presenting another dimension to the pattern. A small chisel is used to carve small details such as dragon scales, to further define the piece.