Office Furniture

Gharnish is a pioneer in making high-quality furniture for work from home and office. Delivering high-quality office furniture designed to last. Get a better deal on bulk office furniture. Get all styles in Boss cabin furniture, boss chairs, office storage units, executive chairs, and custom-made office workstations from Gharnish. 

Rs. 19,067.80
Rs. 4,661.02

Tub Chair with cushion

Regular price Rs. 4,661.02 Rs. 8,474.58
Rs. 46,610.17

The BOSS Luxury CEO room chair

Regular price Rs. 46,610.17 Rs. 150,847.46
Rs. 4,661.02
Rs. 15,254.24
Rs. 16,949.15
Rs. 10,169.49
Rs. 11,016.10
Rs. 55,084.75