Jewellery Store Chairs

Premium Quality Jewellery store chairs by Gharnish. We are one of the leading brand in manufacturing, trading and supplying luxury and Comfortable Jewellery Shop Chairs which can be customized with your logo as well. 

Usage:  Jewellery shops
Material: Metal, cushion and wooden 

Rs. 6,778.81

Bounce leather dining chair

Regular price Rs. 6,778.81 Rs. 15,254.24
Rs. 8,050.85

Opera Luxury Dining Chair Grey

Regular price Rs. 8,050.85 Rs. 12,711.86
Rs. 5,932.20
Rs. 4,236.44
Rs. 2,372.88
Rs. 10,169.49
Rs. 7,627.12
Rs. 12,711.86
Rs. 6,779.66
Rs. 4,236.44
Rs. 11,016.95