L Shape Sofa

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Not only stylish, but our L-shape leather sofas feature extensible seats which make them a great place to lounge with your latest read or curl up with a steaming mug of coffee and charge your mobile with a USB charging port right from your sofa. If you’re looking to furnish a small corner in your living room and maximize space, an L-shape sofa is a way to go. Whether fabric or leather, our L shape modular sofas let you play around with your space and fit your sofa perfectly like pieces in a puzzle!

From two to seven-seaters, and everything in-between From our Furniture Factory in Hyderabad!

Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 seaters, these modular L-shaped sofas will satisfy any fabric or leather lover. Last-minute guests? Our matching storage chaise and ottoman provide ample space to hide all your kids’ mess. At The Furniture People, we match luxury with practicality. Find the best deals on leather sofas in Melbourne, right here.

Looking to buy now? Try our L shaped leather recliner and lie in plush comfort.  

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